Training Policy
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Meridian Surveys has since its inception underwritten the concepts of employment equity as contained in the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998.

It is our firm belief that appointing people merely to pay lip service to the provisions as contained in the above mentioned Act is defeating the object of the policy and therefore counter productive. Companies not applying this policy will slowly be phased out of the market.

The company is still very young and in a growing process. It is the Director's firm belief that the first shares to be issued, will be to a P.D.I. Furthermore, it is our policy to employ local people where possible.

The Company only employs key personnel. For instance on a normal township establishment, the Company would do the survey with its specialised personnel and thereafter local people will be employed for the duration of the survey. In the first few days they will be given in house-training.

After the completion of the project, the community will have people with a better understanding of the land registration system and survey, and also people with skills who can look for employment in the survey field.